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Who am I? 

Hi!  I'm Tara Anne, a certified Transformational Life Coach.  My passion in life has always been helping others in any way that I can.  I strive to look at the positive lesson that I can learn in each situation.  Every obstacle, heartache, personal challenge, and uncomfortable situation we encounter is ultimately what makes us who we are today.  I choose to embrace these times and live my life as best I can—learning, growing, and helping others do the same.   

As a Life Coach, I am focused on Personal Growth and Relationship Coaching.  In the area of Personal Growth coaching, my goal is to assist those who are at a key point in life where they are looking to improve themselves.  This personal development may be physical, emotional, spiritual, or a combination of the three.  The key is to be ready to make the commitment to move your life forward and let go of any impediments that are discovered along the way.  I have witnessed this process transform many lives and have complete confidence in the proven results.  I enjoy helping others to find their passion and discover what has held them back from achieving their fullest potential.  My joy is in helping others discover the answers they have deep inside.  

My other focus is Relationship Coaching.  I enjoy working with couples to improve communication, help them to better understand themselves and each other, and set a solid foundation to build on.  This foundation is not just for those who are looking for coaching as a means to resolve challenges in the relationship.  Coaching can also help unlock greater fulfillment in long-standing, happy relationships.  Relationship Coaching is perfect for new relationships as well as those who are engaged and ready to take the next step to better understand one another before getting married.   

My philosophy on life can be summarized in one word.  Love.  I believe with all of my being that love is the most important thing in this physical world we live in.  I also believe that the opposite of love is not hate, but fear.  With everything I do in life, I do my best to focus on love.  In every situation, it is valuable to take a step back and consider how you should react.  Ask yourself, "Am I reacting out of love or fear?"  If we always choose love, we are on the right path.

I look forward to helping you unlock the keys to success in your life and relationships, building on your internal foundation of love.